As with so many organisations we are at a crossroad due to the current Covid-19 restrictions. We are still not definite that the event will be held however we are working towards it in the hope that we receive approval.

In former years, SteamFest has been a vital event in the North West and greater Tasmanian economy. However due to current, and potential future restrictions we are faced with a terrible dilemma. We hope to run the event in an attenuated format but only with the involvement of an increased number of willing volunteer workers to ensure the absolute safety and compliance of all on site.

We, Sheffield Steam and Heritage Centre are putting out an appeal for your assistance in running SteamFest on the Long Weekend of March 2021. Volunteers need to be 16 years and older, committed to working under supervision within our strict WSH&S regime, for at least one day of the three-day festival. We need two hundred volunteers every day and this year we need to have people “signed up” before the event in order to prove that we can manage the Covid requirements.

Volunteers enjoy free entry into SteamFest, meals and refreshments, and are kitted out with appropriate PPE where required. The tasks are not difficult, but do require positive interaction with the public. Training will be given, and experienced volunteers will be supervising and monitoring

The volunteers themselves will, no doubt, revel in the excitement of this major event that drew 10,000 people to site this year. It may be an avenue for further involvement or even develop a lifetime interest in Tasmania’s heritage.

SteamFest will be one of the remaining large events that will provide a way forward to the “New Normal” that we must accept, and at the same time boost the many struggling businesses within this

If you are able to help please contact our volunteer co-ordinator John Wilson on mob 0403 992 013 or email on

Yours sincerely Chris Martin