The film above was produced by Andrew and Stephan Robinson.

Like most heritage and tourist railway operations, SteamFest is heavily dependent on the marvellous contribution made by volunteers. From the planning committee to the gardeners and grant writers; from station masters and train drivers to ticket sellers; gatekeepers and maintainers of equipment to parking attendants, everything relies on volunteers.

Volunteers are always needed when the train runs on the first full weekend of each month, on other days throughout the year on the Sheffield Steam and Heritage site and  ESPECIALLY at SteamFest!

It’s been said that if you want something done, ask a busy person – and most volunteers are busy with other things – yet still they come along and make SteamFest happen. YOU are probably busy, but can you spare some time, one weekend every year, to help us make SteamFest bigger and better?

Many of our volunteers are getting on in years, and it’s great to see younger folk coming onboard – so age is no barrier. If you’re willing, we can find a place where you’ll fit. There’s great camaraderie among the volunteers, and you’ll be helping us to keep SteamFest going and growing. If you’ve any queries contact Jill our volunteer co-ordinator. 0448631922 OR USE THE FORMS BELOW.

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