The safety and wellbeing of our patrons, exhibitors,  stallholders and volunteers is  our highest priority.  Please adhere to this safety information so we can keep our Festival  safe.

If you are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms, or asked to be in quarantine or live with family members who are in quarantine – please look after yourself and the wider community by staying home.

Face Masks
Face masks are now mandatory at events with over 1000 people. Please bring your own  facemask and we will have some available at the entry gates for those who don’t have a facemask with them.    “No mask” means “no entry”. 

More information from the State Government on when you are required to wear a face in Tasmania can be found here.

Contact tracing
Please use the Check in TAS app when you enter the Festival site.    If you have any issues with using this please ask our entry attendants.   More information on contact tracing and how to use the app can be found 

Eventbrite tickets
Please purchase your entry tickets from the Eventbrite website.   

If you are in a queue you should still socially distance to keep you and our community safe.

Social distancing 
Please maintain the 1.5 metre social distancing guideline at all times. 

Good hygiene
Use hand sanitiser located at the entry points to the Festival. Hand sanitiser is also located throughout the market.   

We encourage customers  use card payments where possible however cash accepted at most stalls.

COVID-19 Marshals
Our volunteer ‘marshals’ will be moving around the site to help us maintain a safe event. If you have any safety concerns or questions please have a chat to one of our COVID-19 Marshals. 

We hope you enjoy your visit.  We appreciate your cooperation and support.